Friends, family, aquaintences and professional associates.

Keira F. (mossedrocks)

Digital Artist & Animator (she/they)

Keira is a digital artist and animator who has worked with Bailey on multiple projects—frequently commissioned to create cover art for stories that Bailey writes.

Keira can be reached on their Instagram @mossedrocks

Xandra Yugto

Film Director, Digital Artist & Art Photographer (she/her)

Retrieved from her website; Xandra is a Director & Artist that hopes to empower underrepresented voices and uplift people around her through her artwork.

Xandra can be reached on their website,

Talyah McLennan (dinoshots)

Professional Photographer (she/her)

Talyah is a professional photographer based in Renton, WA. Bailey has personally reached out to her for her photography services many times for both professional and artistic reasons.

Talyah can be reached on her Insta @dinoshotsphotography